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The moon reminds me of you. So beautiful, so bright and so far away.
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That Summer Concert 2 Official Goods - Paper Frame© KimiLoveKMSL | do not edit.

That Summer Concert 2 Official Goods - Paper Frame
© KimiLoveKMSL | do not edit.

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Myungsoo try to control his laugh

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Jieun ♡ I’m In Love bts

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Q: What’s the biggest goal you want to achieve?

#every single one of these answers tells SO MUCH about the member saying it #sometimes I realise #that I’ve come to a point with this group #that whenever I read these kind of interviews when every member answers the same question #I feel like ‘of course he would answer like that’ or ‘yes that really sounds like him’ #like #sj is down to earth and mature and doesn’t set his goals too high #he wants to have a good carreer and make his fans happy #wh plans for the near future #he may have the romantic~ image but he’s one of the most realistic and smart in the group #dw is the best son ever and he always thinks about his parents (AND THAT BREAKS MY HEART) #hw is the definition of bold and will always aim for the highest goal #(and maybe that will get to his head and he’ll need someone to call him out on it) #(and he’ll understand and change his attitude because he’s proud but not stupid) #sy wants to be loved #he wants it because he doesn’t feel loved enough and he wants it because he just really likes being loved (and who doesn’t?) #sg is usually confident but he can be really hard on himself sometimes #he blames his mistakes on himself (and maybe not only his but the group’s too - because he’s the leader and that’s HIS responsibility) #but he’s very hardworking and will try his best to fix them #ms is simply the preciousest boy ever #he doesn’t give himself a goal (he doesn’t give himself limits too in a way?) #he just says ‘I want this’ and that’s so childish (in the best way possible) and so damn PRECIOUS #don’t look at me I’m a mess right now #this group is the best group  (via howonnies)

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Myungsoo use his hands to show how a diamond shines